Vehicle Information Numbers, Bronco II
VIN Decoding:
The VIN (vehicle identification number) is located at the bottom of the windshield on the driver’s side. It should also be on the sticker inside the driver’s door, and be on your insurance documents.
Example V.I.N.
1. Origin of Vehicle (1=US 2=Canada)
2. Manufacturer (F=Ford, M=Mercury)
3. Vehicle Class (T=truck, M=Multi Purpose Vehicle)
4. GVW* and Braking Capacity (B=3001-4000 C=4001-5000)
5. Type (R=Ranger, U=Utility Vehicle)
6 & 7. Chassis/Body Type (dependent on type of vehicle: on a BII 14=4x4)
8. Engine Size (S=2.8L T=2.9L)
9. Check Digit
10. Year (D=83 E=84 F=85 G=86 H=87 J=88)
11. Assembly Plant (C=Ontario H=Lorain, Ohio K=Claycomo, Mo. L=Wayne, Mi N=Norfolk, Va P=St. Paul, Mn U=Louisville, Ky Z=Hazlewood, Mo.)
12-17. Serial Numbers
*Gross Vehicle Weight
42                    3.45
44                    3.73
47                    4.10
D2                   3.45 (limited slip)
D4                   3.73 (limited slip)
D7                   4.10 (limited slip)
72 open 3.08
74 open 3.45
82 open 3.08
84 open 3.45
86 open 3.73
87 open 4.10
F4 L/S 3.45
F6 L/S 3.55
F7 L/S 3.73
91 open 3.27
92 open 3.08
95 open 3.55
96 open 3.73
97 open 4.10
98 open 4.56
R5 L/S 3.55
R6 L/S 3.73
R7 L/S 4.10
R8 L/S 4.56
Here is a short list of Ford Color codes. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Ben Hart
The following codes are some common Ford color codes. Ford codes use a standardized two-character setup where the first character discriminates the basic color and the second character discriminates the exact color. For example, reds start with a 2 and 2K is candy apple red and 24 is medium red. Generally, the lower the first number, the more pigment there is. These are just a few common colors; however, there are hundreds more.
Code     Name
1C    Black
1D    Smoke Metallic
1G    Silver Metallic
1P    Medium Gray Metallic
22    Rangoon Red
28    Medium Canyon Red Metallic
2E    Light Canyon Red Metallic
2K    Candy Apple Red
2S    Dark Red Metallic
32    Bright Blue
3J    Light Harbor Blue Metallic
3L    Dark Blue Metallic
3P    Medium Brite Blue Metallic
3T    Bahama Blue
4A    Dark Teal Metallic
4J    Dark Spruce Green Metallic
4W    Light Teal Metallic
51    Medium Dark Fire Red
5Q    Medium Dark Brown Metallic
5U    Dark Walnut Metallic
5Z    Light Chestnut Metallic
61    Yellow
6S    Chrome Yellow
7D    Holly Green
7J    Medium Regatta Blue Metallic
8G    Bright Bittersweet Metallic
8J    Copper
8Q    Light Desert Tan
9A    White
9M    White
Note:  Most all Ranger 8.8" rear axles are 28 spline and all 7.5" axles are 28 spline axles.  Some late model 8.8" Ranger rear axles are 31 spline.
Axle codes
  The rear axles come with a tag (see photo below) that should be attached to a bolt on the rear cover. If there is no tag, someone has unfortunately removed it, and it will be difficult to determine which axle you have. There is also an axle identification code inside the driver’s side door on the vehicle information sticker with a two digit code for the stock axle (this may be inaccurate if anyone has changed axles previously). See chart at bottom.
            Each set of numbers has a specific meaning. The diagram below explains this. All Bronco II’s came with a special version of the 7.5” rear, which has a capacity of 2640 lbs. Other Ford 7.5” axle housings will NOT work in place of the BII unit; however, the rings and pinions from any 7.5 can be swapped into it. The main reason for checking these tags is to see the axle’s gear ratio. The bottom diagram illustrates the differences in axle ratios.
            On 4x4’s, there is a Dana 28 axle up front, until late 1989 when it was replaced with a special Dana 35. The front axle should have the same gear ration as the rear. The D35 is a stronger (than the D28) and can be swapped over from a Ranger (or newer BII, if not already equipped). The D28 can be re-geared; however, units with the 3.45 ratio, going to a lower (numerically higher) ring and pinion gear must use the appropriate housing.
All Explorer are 31 spline 8.8" rear.
Code Ratio
41 Open 3.27
44 Open 3.73
45 Open 3.55
D1 L/S 3.27
D2 L/S 4.10
D4 L/S 3.55
D5 L/S 3.73
Ranger and Explorer Codes...
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